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  About Grander Teaching

Our mission

With the motive of being the most trustful and approachable recruiting company, and matching qualified teachers with good schools in China, Grander Teaching was emerging founded in 2019. Our team has several years’ experience working overseas in MNCs and in the international education industry, we deeply understand the significance of talent especially in todays’ booming bilingual education.

Grander Teaching aims to help both schools and teachers find their destination on a time-saving and cost-saving basis. We focus on our teachers' experience, helping our teachers gain the best positions and live better in China.  

Grander Teaching are devoted to achieve that:

l  Make global teachers have trust on us by building good relationships and doing things professionally and decently.

l  Serve well our schools clients, satisfy their needs and maintain deep cooprerating collaboration.

l  Provide a clear career path for employees, enhance their benefits and sense of belonging.

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