Grander Teaching in Chengdu

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Grander Teaching is based in Chengdu, which is one of the most attractive, historical and modern cities in China, well-known as the home of panda, Szechuan food and hotpot.

Grander Teaching knows well about China, about Chengdu as local inhabitant, and we work close with a lot Chengdu local organisations and groups, like Chengdu-expats, Home in Chengdu, some sports groups, traveling groups, food-lover groups, etc. We are delighted to help our teachers who choose to work in Chengdu, getting you what you want or want to do, assisting you to connect with others, organizing meaningful event to know unique culture for a better life here.

Google or Quora more about Chengdu from other people's and objective perspectives:

What is living in Chengdu like?  

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We are looking forward to seeing you here in Chengdu.


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