ITTT has been in business since 1997, graduating over 107,000 people worldwide with TEFL and TESOL qualifications during that time. They strive to be the best TEFL/TESOL provider on the market and continuously improve and expand our course selection. 

They offer three types of courses; online, in-class and combined:

Online Courses

We offer a number of different online course formats; all available with or without tutor support. 

Our 60-hour courses offer an introduction to TEFL/TESOL and are ideal for individuals who are looking for short-term teaching work or volunteer opportunities around the world. 

120-hour courses have become a standard course format in the worldwide EFL industry. The ITTT 120-hour courses provide trainees with a solid foundation of teaching English as a foreign language covering a variety of topics such as teaching methodologies, lesson planning and English grammar. 

The 250-hour Diploma Course is an advanced-level course for teachers who are already qualified and possess a certificate of at least 100 hours of study. It involves a more detailed approach to teaching methodologies, skills and techniques and allows graduates to apply for higher job positions in teaching worldwide.

The 50-hour Teaching Business English and Teaching English to Young Learners courses are specialized courses that prepare teachers for teaching English as a foreign language in these specialized fields. Business English and young learners are among the most common types of teaching fields in EFL around the globe and these qualifications will give graduates a distinct advantage over others applying for the same positions. 

The 220-hour Master Package consists of three components: the 120-hour online course plus the two 50-hour specialization courses in teaching Business English and teaching English to Young Learners. It is the perfect foundation for new teachers aiming for a successful career in teaching English abroad.

The 470-hour Professional Package goes even further and consists of all three components as the 220-hour Master Package plus the advanced-level 250-hour Diploma Course. The 470-hour Professional Package is the highest-value TEFL/TESOL course package for teachers available, allowing you to enter the EFL job market in a better position from the start and command a higher salary than many other new teachers.

Our 30-hour and 50-hour Observed Teaching Practice (OTP) courses are ideal for teachers who have gained an online qualification but would like to add practical teaching experience. The OTP courses are done remotely from anywhere in the world and involve the videoing of English lessons followed by evaluation and feedback from our professional teacher-training staff. 

In-class Courses

Our in-class courses consist of four weeks of TEFL and TESOL training at one of over 25 training centers worldwide. The concepts covered are broadly similar to the 120-hour online course. The most important aspect of the course is the practical teaching sessions to local English learners at the training center. These sessions are observed by teacher trainers and then analyzed with the trainee. This course is ideal for individuals who already know where they would like to teach to gain local experience and to be able to look for a job already in the country, though in-class graduates are qualified to teach worldwide.

Combined Courses

Our combined courses include the benefits of both the online courses and the in-class course. Course takers first complete the 120-hour online course remotely and then join a worldwide training center for 5 to 10 days of practical teaching sessions.

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