Some important stuff teacher should be aware of

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You must have a lot questions and things you want to know before going to any schools in China, say 'how is the weather', 'what about further career opportunities inmy school', etc. Make sure you have had everthing cleared as you are the one who care about yourself the most.

Despite that, there are some important facts you should be aware of before starting your teaching career in China:

l  Taking it seriously when signing a contract. It is just like working at your home country, when you have signed contract with one employer, it can be very complicated and diffcult if you change your mind or intend to sign contract with another employer even you are not in China. 

Legally, once you sign contract with a school, school then has the right to submit your visa application to SAFEA and clam that you are their eployee, which means Chinese government will only accept your visa as working at this one certain school, no matter you sign any other contract with another school, they will not approve your visa unless the first school sending them your release letter. But you know that mate, it could be tough to communicate with your employer under such circumstance, so make sure everthing is right before signing contract. 

l  Release letter. It works when you are leaving for another school due to the end of contracts or any reason, this is something that you must be given by the school, otherwise you can not find any job in China with legal Visa. Additionally, recommendation letter and a cancellation letter of work permit are as important as release letter while you are looking for further positions, these three documents are vital, so bear in mind that always keeping a good relationship with employer.

When it comes to reality things can be complex due to different situations, regions and employers. We are able to try best helping you out and to make suggestion on your next move if our teachers need.


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