5 Major types of schools in China

International school, training center, public school, kindergarten and university are 5 major types of schools in China. For the teachers who come to China for the first time, they need to do a little research about which type will best suits the lifestyle, salary, and other needs. There are some basic information.

1.English Language Training Centers for kids or adults

Required teaching experience: 0 – 2 years +

Salary: 17,000 –22,000 RMB/month

Schedule & hours: evening & weekends

Lots of teachers  to China for the first time are choosing theri teaching positions in training centers. Children and adult study in the evenings and weekends specifically for English language instruction. Each center has its own specialized curriculum, teaching and training materials which means planning and preparation are at a minimum. Most of centers will offer training courses to their teachers. That is why training center is usually the first choice for fresh teachers.


Required teaching experience: 0 – 2 years +

Salary: 18000 – 25,000 RMB/month

Schedule & hours: weekday daytime

Children in preschools/kindergartens are 18 months to 6 years old. There is big demand for teaching English in a kindergarten or preschool in China. Teachers are dealing with very young children every day. Some of kids do not understand English, which means teachers should be patient and caring. But don’t worry, there will be one to three Chinese teaching assistants in the classroom with them. Classes typically have 8-20 young learners and are between 20-40 minutes long.

3.Public Primary, Middle, & High Schools

Required teaching experience: 0 – 2 years +

Salary: 18,000 – 25,000 RMB/month

Schedule & hours: weekday daytime

Public schools offer teachers decent salary and benefits, reasonable teaching load and more paid vacation days. Students in public schools are diligent, well-behaved, and smart, but the number of students in one class can reach to 60. All in all, public school is a good choice for teachers. 

4. International schools

Required teaching experience: 2 years +

Salary: 19,000 – 30,000RMB/month

Schedule & hours: weekday daytime

International school is another good choice for foreign teachers. Tuition for the students is high and enrollment is very competitive, which means that teacher's salary & benefit is attractive, but these jobs will often require teaching experience or teaching license from teacher's home country. Most International Schools will follow either the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the foreign (A-level/AP etc.) curriculum, teachers with experience and familiarity with these curricula are preferred.

5. Universities

Required teaching experience: 0 – 2 years +

Salary: 4,000 – 25,000RMB/month

Schedule & hours: weekday daytime

Universities position is popular. Positions at smaller universities usually hire foreign teachers to teach required English classes. Even if the university originally hired you to teach a specific subject, entry-level teachers will rarely be teaching anything other than oral English. Usually the teaching hour can be very low, and there will be no office time. High-ranking public universities, especially in big cities have higher salary and benefits will be much higher but you may be expected to possess an advanced degree and considerable relevant teaching experience.


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