Visas for Work in China

A general guide to help you know the visa applying process. You can start your new journey to China from this moment!

Step 1: Get your background check 

You can obtain a background check report from a local, state, or national organization. You can get the information easily from their official website.

If you get a local or state-level background check on your own, be sure that the police station notarizes it at the time that it is run.

Step 2: Get your documents authenticated

This usually means 3 documents:

1.Degree (bachelor or above)

2.Your background check

3.A document that qualifies you to be a teacher; this will vary so you should prepare those documents your employer is asking for. Usually, it's either a teaching license, TEFL Certificate (120 HOURS+) or a reference letter for 2+ years classroom teaching experience.

If you do this process on your own, please note that you must get your documents authenticated in the country that issued them. The process usually takes 3-4 weeks.

Step 3: Work Permit

After your documents are authenticated, then you send scans of documents to your employer. Your employer will apply for your work permit, which may take between 5-20 business days.

Step 4: Work Visa

The last step, your employer will email your work permit approval which you can submit to the consulate for working visa application .



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