Interview is the first and the most important thing for a new teaching job with a good school. You will definitely want to make sure that you are fully prepared and present yourself best during the interview.

We’ve interviewed over a hundred people for teaching jobs over the years and have a good idea of what schools are looking for in a candidate, the kind of questions asked in an interview and advice on what to avoid doing during the interview process. We hope this article is able to offer you some useful tips.

Before the job interview

Firstly it is wise to read up about the company and find out information about their schools, teaching methods, curricula, requirements and any other details. Not only does it show initiative and that you are really interested in the job you are interviewing for but having a good understanding of the school allows you to make a better decision on whether this school is right for you.

Try to write down all the questions you want to ask before the interview. The interviewer will be very willing to answer what you want to know.

Self-introduction video

Self-introduction video is really a good way to impress the school.A short introduction video will give the employer a good idea about your English ability, teaching style, classroom behavior  and the command of your voice or accent.

You can make a rehearse before recording your video introduction. Including a short video clip of you inside the classroom actually teaching is also a great way to stand out from the crowd. Making a video can give a big impression to a interviewer who never saw you before.

Getting ready for a Wechat interview

Most interviews are done via  and are usually video calls so make sure you have tested your microphone and headphones, have a webcam ready and a fast internet connection. With Wechat you can set your profile picture too so ensure you have a professional one for the interview.

Its definitely worth finding a quiet, well lit place for the interview.Dress professionally, as you would for a face to face interview, so a shirt and tie for men and smart clothes for women.

Make sure you pass the Wechat identification,use your real ID card. Or your Wechat ID has possibility being banned,which cause trouble to the interview.

Tips for during the interview

Interviews always last from 20 40 minutes. A interview will usually has three parts,   

  • asking you questions

  • telling you about the job, school and city

  • answering any questions you have

Usually questions related to your previous teaching experience (or if you dont have any yet, then about your TEFL course), your idea of teaching, how you would teach specific language or grammar points, classroom management techniques, dealing with discipline issues , teaching materials you have made, lesson planning.Some question also related to the team relationship and leader relationship.

Questions asked in an English teacher job interview

Interview questions for experienced teachers

  • Can  you tell me more about your experience at (previous schools)?

  • What further training have you received? (workshops, seminars etc)

  • How do you deal with difficult students?

  • Are there any specific areas of your teaching you have been working on?

  • How do you motivate students?

  • What courses books have you used? Any preferences?

  • What is a good activity you have used recently?

  • What kind of feedback have you got from observed lessons?

  • Talk me through a lesson that went well

  • How would you teach the present perfect?

  • What are your goals for the future for your teaching?

  • How do you teach large group sizes?

  • Have you used interactive white boards before?

  • How do you feel about having an English only rule in the classrooms?

  • Language schools often use the communicative approach, what do you understand by      that?

  • What are the main differences in the approach needed to teach young learners      versus adults?

  • What are the main roles of a teacher?

  • What are the keys to effective learning?

  • What classroom management techniques do you use ensure your classes run      smoothly?

  • What makes a good lesson plan?

Interview questions for recent TEFL course graduates

  • What did the TEFL course cover?

  • What did you find most interesting?

  • What did you find most challenging?

  • What was the most useful feedback you got from your tutor?

  • Did you make any of your own materials?

  • Which areas do you still need to improve on?

Your questions about the job and school

  • Can you describe for me what a week at work would be like?

  • What are the teaching resources like?

  • How many classes are taught per week?

  • How would you describe the atmosphere in the teachers office?

  • Can you tell me a bit about my future students? What do they expect from their new teacher?

  • How long are the classes and how many students in each class?

  • Are teaching assistants available?

  • Whats the technology like? Does your school have interactive      white boards?

  • How much flexibility are teachers given on how they teach?

  • Are there any off-site classes or are they all taught in the school

Your questions about the teacher’s accommodation

  • Is accommodation provided?

  • Is it furnished?

  • Am I responsible for paying the bills?

  • Will I be sharing with another teacher?

  • Do I have the option of getting my own housing?

  • How far is it from the school?

Your questions about the city

  • What do the teachers like to do in their free-time?

  • Can you tell me a little bit about the expat community in your location?

  • What is the population?

  • Are there sports facilities/gym/supermarket near the school?

  • What kind of entertainment is there?

  • What are my options for learning Chinese?

  • What is the cost of living like?

  • Are there any products not available that I should bring with me?


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